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Elixirs & Frequencies 101

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In the 1930’s a man named Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor discovered by his own invention, cell vibrations and “Mortal Oscillatory Rates”. He claimed his microscope could observe live microorganisms with a magnification considered impossible for his time, and for an ‘oscillating beam ray’ invention, by his belief had the ability to treat various ailments using radio waves. Another of Rife’s claims was that his beam ray could destroy microbial pathogens of various organisms by vibrating them using radio waves of a particular frequency. In a nutshell, he was a man before his time. Shunned by the medical community and health boards for his findings and theories. It wasn’t until after his death people began to accept his work and continue his research.

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese businessman, author, and physician who claimed that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, his hypothesis suggested water could react to positive thoughts and words, and polluted water could be cleansed or changed through positive thoughts and affirmations. During his study, he evaluated how ice structures were formed based on the type and origin of water and exposing it to ultraviolet light and specific electromagnetic waves. He found that liquid water maintained significant lasting effects from these electromagnetic fields and that the water molecule structures recalibrated during the shift.

Emoto’s findings also stated that water from mountain streams, when frozen, conveyed a beautiful shape of geometric design, and water from polluted sources created distorted and randomly formed structures. Putting it another way, a natural clean water source when frozen presents a beautifully balanced and aesthetically pleasing structure compared to polluted or tainted water sources. When we apply this theory to the human body it’s saying when we’re polluted or tainted by something in our systems, we are out of balance and need recalibrated. Osmosis Immune Defense and their other frequency-enhanced waters when ingested help reenergize and recalibrate our cells to bring us back to a beautifully balanced and aesthetically pleasing structure.

Much like the human body and all its cells, an orchestra is a group of performers operating synergistically. A healthy person’s body operates at a particular frequency or vibration unique to them. We each have our very own symphony. When a note of the orchestra is off, so is our song. Every atom and element of the body, each organ and organism, has its own electronic unit of vibration (special signature) necessary for the sustenance of, and equilibrium in that particular organism. When the optimum oscillatory rate drops, illness (or pollutant in your body) sets in. In other words, when equilibrium changes, the cells are now operating out of symphony, creating poor sounds within the body (orchestra) often resulting in skin conditions and digestive issues.

When we look at the Osmosis elixirs and their frequencies, our goal is to restore equilibrium or balance to the orchestra. Some of you are familiar with sound baths, similar to Solfeggio frequencies (sounds promoting internal balance & restoration), Osmosis uses scalar energy with square radio waves, and some using the golden ratio frequencies, that are targeted to help regulate your song and bring it back to balance, or a state of optimum vibration.

Your cells oscillate at their own rate each having its own signature. Whether or not it’s high or low isn’t the question, what is however, is what happens when that signature rate changes. The tune of your song is off and needs recalibrating. That’s where Osmosis comes in and has harnessed all of these concepts, using targeted frequencies to help us sing our song in perfect harmony. Being open to the possibility of healing through frequency and allowing yourself to recognize the notes of your body that are off in order to experience natural balance or beautiful tune.

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