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Estrogen Toxicity: Common Not Normal

Updated: Feb 20

What is estrogen toxicity?

Estrogen toxicity is an accumulation of xenoestrogens (estrogen-mimicking) which are toxins that resemble or are disguised as estrogen. When the body accumulates estrogen toxins, it lowers the production of natural estrogen. Because the natural estrogen levels are reduced, they are proportionately lower than testosterone and progesterone. These imbalances can lead to many different hormonal issues and even an in-office test that says you’re testosterone dominant, a common misconception in my opinion.

The Myth:

Why do I have menopause symptoms?

As bodies age, hormone levels are intended to sunset naturally. This should not cause menopausal symptoms unless a hormonal imbalance is present. Estrogen toxicity often causes menopausal symptoms because it deregulates the natural estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels. Unfortunately, another myth is that these symptoms are age-dependent. Not the case. If your hormones are out of natural balance you can experience menopausal symptoms at any age.

We have been made to believe that things such as hot flashes, are normal simply because we experience them and they are common, not because they are natural. As things may be common it does not make them normal. The same story goes for menstrual pain. It is not normal to experience moderate to excruciating pain, it has simply been normalized due to its frequent reports amongst women.

Signs & Symptoms (common list, not all signs & symptoms are listed):

•Migraines & headaches

•Amenorrhea (absent menstruation)

•Long and/or dark facial hair (male-like growth pattern)

•Irregular periods

•Jawline, chest, neck, & upper back acne



•Often waking around 2-3 am

•Hot flashes


•Mood swings

•Deep necklines in younger skin

•Fibrocystic breast disease

•Stubborn weight gain (belly or water weight)

•Hair loss

•Early menstruation

•Early menopause


•Stretch marks

Causes (common list, not all causes are listed):

•Pesticides (common in US-based wines, fast food, & non-organic foods)

•BPA’s & plastics

•Food preservatives


•Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

•Birth control

•Equilin sulfate (common in meat & dairy)


•Some antibiotics (ie. amoxicillin)


•Docusate sodium

•Glycolic acid

•Propyl gallate (fast food oils)

•Artificial-sunscreens:(oxybenzone,octyl methoxycinnamate,octocrylene,& benzylidene)

How to Reverse:

Osmosis Skin Defense binds and detoxifies estrogen toxins, removing the source of hormonal imbalances. DIM, sodium thiosulfate, and activated charcoal work together to remove estrogenic chemicals. Remove synthetic fragrances from the home, office, or workspace; i.e. bath and body candles or wall plugs, anything that gives off a scent but is not of natural sources like beeswax or coconut wax candles + high-grade essential oils. Dryer sheets and even simple handsoaps can all be disrupting natural hormone levels.

Protocols may vary per individual, take 3 months of Skin Defense at 3 caps her day with Hormone Relief Elixir or Ageless Vitality during the detoxification process. If estrogen toxicity symptoms are severe, it is necessary to take 3 caps of Skin Defense per day for approximately 1 year. In most cases, Hormone Relief is the best option here. If taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or birth control, Ageless Vitality is preferred.

Detox Signs:

Things you may notice during this process:

As the body detoxes and regulates you may feel nauseous, have abnormal bowel movements, be gassy or bloated, experience skin purging (toxins push out through the skin), itchiness, feel sleepy, have a shift in appetite, change in tastes, change in smells, headaches or migraines. Some symptoms may not be listed, reach out to your Osmosis provider if something occurs or if you need guidance on ridding your home of toxicity.

*Detoxing can also help restore fertility (if this is not the goal, use protection), prevent

estrogen-based cancers, restore menstruation patterns, and reduce hormonal symptoms.

*If you would like to safely get off HRT or birth control, reach out to your Osmosis provider.

*Osmosis has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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