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vol. 2 Pathway of Water & Elixirs

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

It's always wonderful to hear positive words that acknowledge one's strengths and worth, such as "You’re intelligent, you’re lovely, you make a difference, and you're a pleasure to be around." Words like these bring warmth to the heart and soul and help us feel valued. When we use negative words like "you’re not smart enough, your goals are unattainable, or you’re strange" these can harm our self-esteem and you'd likely feel your worth shift down. In the process of healing, an optimistic outlook has been proven to be beneficial.

To some, this idea or theory sounds like a hoax. However, you can’t discredit that positive thought has a major impact on how we thrive and operate. You can’t argue with the power of words. They can make or break a person. Water molecules have memory and could be a representation of us and how we thrive or operate when negative or positive things are said towards us. As we are roughly 60% water, depending on age, hydration levels, and sex this idea resonates with many.

The soothing tongue is a tree of life,

but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.

-Proverbs 15:4

Let's explore, when we speak to our pets in a loving, positive, or happy voice they respond with purrs, tail wags, and jumps of joy. When we speak to them in angry, disappointed, or mad voices, they respond with sagging ears and low-hanging heads. They have no clue what we are actually saying but are responding to the positive and negative energy we’re expressing. Being linguistically aware of the power in words you can achieve a mind-body wellness that is unmatched in Western medicine.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your

mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up

according to their needs, that it may benefit

those who listen.

-Ephesians 4:29

The pathway of water from your mouth to your bladder in a nutshell, the intestines are mainly responsible for the body’s water absorption or intake. A large portion of the water we drink gets absorbed through the intestinal wall into the body and bloodstream and then becomes part of the liquid fraction of blood and other bodily fluids. Blood is basically water and a bunch of stuff dissolved or immersed into it. The circulatory system through blood is what brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells throughout the body.

When blood moves to the kidneys, a portion of the liquid fraction of blood gets filtered out, also known as urine or waste. So, when ingesting Osmosis Elixirs, they are absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and begin harmonizing the system via the circulatory flow. Some are targeted to the gut and some are targeted through the bloodstream.

Remember from Vol. 1, that our cells have frequencies and they oscillate at special rates. When the cells are compromised, their rates change. The elixirs are targeted for specific frequencies to help rebalance those cells and bring your body back to homeostasis. All by ingesting them into your body and through your intestinal wall. Similarly, with positive speech your mind frequency elevates and you become lighter and happier.

When Dr. Emoto was conducting his research, much like Royal Rife, many people expressed negative thoughts towards their theories. Remember, Dr. Emoto found that water holds memory and responds to emotions and the environment. Dirty or sad words resulted in misshapen ice crystals and positive or happy words resulted in symmetrical aesthetically pleasing ice crystals. "It is proposed here that healing information originates at the most fundamental level in the implicate order, that of spirit, and cascades into the outer layers of increasing energy density eventually reaching the electromagnetic domain." -Glen Rein, Ph.D. In a world consumed with presenting scientific facts, let’s look at the proof. First, in bias, I encourage you to read The Story on my personal experience with Osmosis Elixirs. Next, here are some examples of the science:

In the early 90’s a scientist named Smith CW, experimentally demonstrated that certain quantum fields can produce certain biological effects in humans by imprinting water with coherent information. As water is, of course, an integral part of all biological systems this experiment was fascinating and its discovery would establish a direct link between these fields and the biochemical and physiological functions within our bodies revealing a whole new world of internal healing by the Quantum Energy Healing Model.

Allyn Orwig's dissertation paper, Reducing Candida with Harmonized Water, highlights many intriguing studies. One which suggests, like Dr. Emoto's research, that everything in nature has memory, including water. The study indicates that water molecules have a magnetic attraction to each other, similar to the way magnets work. The research also suggests that water with fewer contaminants, lower surface tension, smaller molecules, and magnetic and electrical charges can easily travel through the cell membrane. This means that it can deliver nutrients through our system and flush out toxins more efficiently than normal tap water. These studies have a positive impact on the way we view and consume water. Hopefully leading to more informed choices about the quality of water we drink and our daily diet.

It is well-known that biological structures

also, influence functions more often

than chemical compounds do.

-A. Orwig

In the article, Biological Effects of Quantum Fields and Their Roll in the Natural Healing Process, the author presented a study that used specific mechanisms to generate various quantum fields and tested them on human lymphocytes grown in vitro. The results showed that a particular quantum field, generated using a specific mechanism, produced a 76% larger biological response compared to fields generated with other mechanisms, thus suggesting cellular immunity could be encouraged by quantum energy healing and also highlighting the potential therapeutic applications of quantum fields in medicine.

As the circulatory system brings oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, frequencies bring balance throughout the body in a similar way. Positive words bring balance to the mind and soul, while speaking to ourselves negatively hinders our ability to heal, lowers our frequency, and alters our immunity. The old saying, "negativity spreads like wildfire" is ultimately true. Circulating positivity can have a profound impact on our overall well-being, so be careful how you speak to and of yourself and others.

Circulation of positivity spreads like the

vast morning sun,

bringing warmth and blooms to life.

- J.Davis

Take Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) a blood cancer, for example. Most common in people over 50 and is not to be confused with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). CLL is a slow-growing blood cancer. Osmosis Immune Defense, using this demonstrated field, has free radical neutralizing capabilities to aid in the recovery of this sickness through the imprinting of coherent information onto water. Again, by way of ingesting these elixirs, they are absorbed through the gut into the bloodstream harmonizing the ailments within our systems so the body can heal itself. Thus providing the Quantum Energy Healing Model real and successful.

With the recent discovery of “Dark Matter” and

“Dark Energy” the existence of other types

of energy can no longer be ignored.

-A. Orwig

It's not as wild as people make it seem. In the article from Glen Rein, Ph.D. our bodies are energy fields, and our cells have frequencies. Therefore, the demonstration that biological systems respond to external quantum fields would directly associate them with biochemical and physiological functions in the body, affirming their role in intrinsic self-healing mechanisms and supporting the Quantum Energy Healing Model. Despite being a controversial subject, using the appropriate equation and mechanisms to imprint on water for intrinsic self-healing has been continuously proven effective but has yet to be widely accepted. Osmosis has harnessed the power of holistic and ancient healing practices through bioavailable sources that aid in the healing of the human body and its ailments.

Let's sum it all up! When a bacteria, pathogen, or virus enters our body it circulates through, wrecking havoc at different rates per individual. If we look at Osmosis Elixirs, they too circulate through our body only with positivity, clearing the havoc brought in by those foreign invaders. Research suggests that fields within the quantum energy healing spectrum, truly have a positive impact on biological cells. From the article written by Glen Rein, Ph.D., Biological Effects of Quantum Fields and Their Roll in the Natural Healing Process, multiple studies were completed with the varying types of fields and mechanical parts creating those fields and concluded: "The results clearly indicate that quantum fields have biological effects and offer strong support for the Quantum Energy Healing Model."

In addition to these bioavailable therapeutic applications of quantum fields and water imprinting, one can also achieve a state of healing through internal sources of energy which are conducted through meditative consciousness. Spend some time alone, find positivity, look inward, and be conscious of where you send your energy and of the energy you choose to take in.

Those who guard their lips preserve their lives,

but those who speak rashly will come to ruin.

-Proverbs 13:3

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