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Your Greatest Strength is Love

I have mentioned in the past the breadcrumbs that we find through life. This crumb was from 8 years ago, and it took this long to see it. It helped remind me that there is no timeline and that life is a beautiful mystery. Knead by knead, crumb by crumb it slowly molds together into the artisan loaf it was meant to be. Taking the time to rise to its full potential. Remember that all things happen for a reason. We likely never understand them in the moment, but when the time is right, the Lord shows you the baking is finished. It is ready to be sliced and shared with the world.

I’m good at maintaining a distance from people due to that “swarming disappointment” I have mentioned before and the reality I have accepted that I have been called to be different. I read a tea quote some years ago that said, “Your greatest strength is love” and when I read it at that moment, the Holy Spirit washed over me, and I knew that was my secret ingredient. Love. I took a picture of it (I think I still have it) and kept the tag for my keepsakes. Throughout my life, I assure you I have experienced some of the worst kind of disappointment in terms of kindness and love. Those close to me know this to be true. It deeply disrupts me. It’s the one thing I have yet to work through because it’s the hardest. But, it's what has made me, me. Love is a powerful force, and I hadn't realized until recently that I was taking my strength for granted.

This post on IG dropped itself in front of me on October 17th, 2023.

When I saw this post, that same feeling washed over me, and I had a moment of emotional time travel, as I call it, which I’ll save and explain in another post. I had an immediate flashback to that moment. Sitting at my desk, working at a job I hated, depressed from a very hurtful breakup, hunting, searching, and praying for something better. I tried soothing myself with a humble cup of tea, as I do from time to time. The time was 12:32 pm. I walked over to the community water cooler with my blue ceramic mug and seemingly lifeless tea bag in the bottom, waiting to be brought to life, much like myself. I pushed in that little red tab, pulled up on the handle, and out rushed the steamy breath of life. Suddenly floating before me was a crumble of what I had been looking for. I never would have looked at the tea tab hanging lifelessly over the edge had it not mysteriously made its way into the cup. There it was, a life raft, simply floating, waiting for me to reach it. It said, Your greatest strength is love. That goosebumps warming chill washed over me, and I started to tear up.

This photo was taken February 3rd, 2016.

How was a tea tab so right? This wasn’t something I didn’t already know, but when presented the way it was, I truly accepted that that was my purpose. To love. Love the people. Love them even when they do you wrong. To love like Jesus. Love the people who can’t love themselves. I didn’t know some people needed to be taught to care about themselves. I thought I was alone in that too. As it turns out, I was wrong. There is a world of people who don't know how to care for and love themselves. I was born with deep loyalty and love for all things; The grass, the birds, the rivers, the skies, the darkness, even the broken things. I see the beauty in it all. I have always viewed things differently and never understood why no one else saw things the way I did until now. Simply put, it wasn't their purpose but mine.

A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.


It's not always easy to love others, especially when we've been hurt, but it's important to remember that everyone deserves love, including ourselves. We must even love the darkness, for we cannot shine otherwise. For a long time, I was unknowingly running from my strength, making life less desirable. This year, one thing on my list is to de-pedestal people, remove the disappointment, and simply love people where they are. There is a debate circulating that says, it's selfish to love yourself or to put yourself first before God. Faith may not resonate with everyone, and that's ok. Each life journey is different. First, I would like to say my opinion here is my own. Second, I believe that we can't love Jesus without loving ourselves. How can we love someone or experience their love if we don't know what it means to love or like ourselves? We must see the value in ourselves to know that someone else sees the value in us too. Kneading together these ingredients to help us along this mysteriously beautiful life, rising to our fullest.

1 Corinthians 13:13

"so now, faith, hope, and love abide, these three;

But the greatest of these is love"

I have a confession. It has been weighing on me for a while now. The deeper I dive into my heart, the less and less I care about skincare. I said what I said. I don’t care about fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, or aging. I have the knowledge to help make those things less prominent for you! Ultimately, I care most about your overall well-being. I am here to help you feel good and to feel loved. DewYou Aesthetics bloomed out of a desire to help others. I didn't see that it wasn't simply through relaxing facials or homecare serums. It was through love, relatability, and genuine connection.

I acknowledge that aesthetics and self-love are two ingredients that also blend together. So, if ridding you of those superficial things will help you, then I’m in. If you need someone to root for you because you need someone, I’m there. I am here to help you DewYou, and if that means you want brighter skin or a DNA repair serum, then I’m your girl. My focus isn’t the fissure you have when you smile but the way you see and feel about yourself. My goal is to help you live a full life filled with love. That’s my passion.

Inspiring others to look less at what they see and more into what they feel in order to see their value and potential and to not be sorry when recognizing it. I will water the soil you sit in so you can grow, bud, and blossom into the person you were meant to be. That’s what I care about. So, DewYou babe. If you are feeling hungry and tired, I offer a slice of my bread or a drop of wisdom for your sustenance:

Jesus, thank you for being so great. Thank you for loving me as I am in all my faults and weaknesses. Thank you for seeing me and continuing to love me as I learn to love myself. I pray that your spirit touches each person who reads this post. Jesus, flow into their hearts like a river and fill every crevasse with your love. Protect them emotionally, spiritually, and physically as their day goes by, and walk with them to the peaks and through the valleys as they learn to love. Jesus, in your mighty name, I pray, amen.

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