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Customer Care

Here at DewYou Aesthetics, we strive to maintain a high degree of customer care. We aim to have each patient feel accepted and loved in the environment we create. To the best of our abilities we serve all individuals equally. We hope in return, you do as well. With that said, we do reserve the right to deny service for any reason we see fit. We have protocols in place for everyone's safety, no exceptions. Before each appointment begins we require you to read and sign information sheets & waivers to protect each of us, including the practice.


Privacy & Safety

Privacy is very important to us. We want you to know we do everything we can to keep you and your information safe. This applies to not only purchases and purchasing information, but appointment information as well. It is no one else's business if you come in for anti-aging treatments. We may, however, refer to patients via a situation or similar condition and how we treated you, but we will never use your name.


Wholesale Inquiries

We are currently in the process of formulating a line of skincare products. After we test and launch the items, we will release information for wholesale purchasing.

Payment Methods

- U.S. Credit & Debit Cards ONLY - Cash is accepted in store -

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